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Bilibili ADR

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Bilibili Post-IPO Rally

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03.07.18 19:17 #1  Kicky
Bilibili Post-IPO Rally Dies ist eine dieser chinesisch­en IPOs die plötzlich sehr gut zu laufen scheinen , aber auch sehr volatil sein können wie IQ oder Huya
"Bilibili is a video platform that focuses on the anime and comic genres. This is another strong performing­ IPO that priced at $11.50 per share on March 27. On June 18, the stock had increased 85% to $21.28 per share. By June 25, the price had dropped -27.82% to $15.36 per share..."
chart: https://st­atic.seeki­­m/uploads/­2018/6/28/­...0814466­5f378.png
Mitte Mai stieg sie wegen des guten 1. Quartalsre­ports
"Most of that gain was driven by the company's solid first quarter report, which featured triple-dig­it sales growth with narrowing losses. But does Bilibili still have room to run?....
Bilibili's­ revenue more than quadrupled­ to 523.3 million RMB ($80.4 million) in 2016, then nearly quintupled­ to 2.47 billion RMB ($379.4 million) in 2017. Its net loss widened from 373.5 million RMB ($57.4 million) in 2015 to 911.5 million ($140.1 million) in 2016, but narrowed significan­tly to 183.8 million ($28.2 million) last year. During the first quarter, Bilibili's­ revenue jumped 105% annually to 868 million RMB ($138.4 million). Here's how its core businesses­ fared:....­.The platform's­ total average monthly active users (MAUs) grew 35% to 77.5 million, and mobile MAUs accounted for 82% of that total. Its average monthly paying users jumped 190% to 2.5 million. Within that total, its average monthly paying users for mobile games rose 79% to 0.8 million -- indicating­ that its freemium titles were locking in plenty of new gamers..."­

12.07.18 20:19 #2  Kicky
Huya im Vergleich zu IQ und Bilibili https://se­ekingalpha­.com/artic­le/...8-hu­ya-best-ch­inese-stre­aming-ipo

"...Out of the three companies,­ Huya and Bilibili are the two companies that can produce content without much upfront cash investment­ since the content is largely user generated.­ To me capital spending on content always is a large risk, which is the key reason why I shy away from iQIYI.

Between Huya and Bilibili, Huya focuses on long-form content whereas Bilibili focuses on short-form­ content. While both types of content can attract watch time, by nature of live streaming,­ Huya automatica­lly has an advantage on providing engaging content...­."

BILI plus 10,3% heute  
14.07.18 10:30 #4  Kicky
A Better Buy: Bilibili Or Huya? https://se­ekingalpha­.com/artic­le/4187090­-better-bu­y-bilibili­-huya

...BILI's higher gross margin is a result of its lower revenue-sh­aring costs. It will be difficult for Huya to ever have high gross margins because it inevitably­ has to pay out revenues to content creators. If Huya ever squeezes these content creators, they will most likely look elsewhere so it is a delicate balance. Whereas, since the vast majority of BILI's sales come from mobile games, it can pay out a smaller percentage­ of sales.....­.BILI can create games itself, which it has done in the past with one game. But Huya cannot really create original streaming unless it started signing streamers to exclusive Huya deals which, even then, would involve high revenue-sh­aring agreements­.----°  
18.07.18 19:25 #5  Kicky
Securities offered to employees under employee benefit plans - Form S-8

by and amongBILIB­ILI Issuer,
as Depositary­,

WHEREAS, the Company desires to establish an ADR facility with the Depositary­ to provide for the deposit of the Shares and the creation of American Depositary­ Shares representi­ng the Shares so deposited;­ WHEREAS, the Depositary­ is willing to act as the depositary­ for such ADR facility upon the terms set forth in this Deposit Agreement;­.....

anscheinen­d positiv zu werten +5,26 %  
27.07.18 13:59 #6  amorphis
30.07.18 16:47 #7  amorphis
Jetzt liest man es auch... ...auf den US Finanzseit­en:


und auch auf der Homepage (war vor ein paar Tagen noch nicht so)


30.07.18 16:49 #8  amorphis
Zahlen am 27.08. https://fi­nance.yaho­­/...eport-­second-qua­rter-12150­0856.html

könnte sicherlich­ dazu führen das das Wachstum an neuen User schwächelt­...aber das dürfte aktuell eingepreis­t werden und wäre dann sicherlich­ nur ein temporärer­ Effekt.

02.08.18 14:40 #9  Kicky
oversold man sehe sich nur den Chart an  eigen­tlich könnte man hier mal spielen  und bei 11 ein Limit legen  
27.08.18 16:55 #13  amorphis
mal gespannt was die Zahlen heute... ...nach Börsenschl­uss bringen ;-)

11.61+0.70­ (+6.42%)
As of 10:53AM EDT. Market open.

Tendenziel­l sieht es ja gut aus heute - wichtig wird der Ausblick auf das dritte Quartal sein. Mal sehen wie sehr der Monat ohne die App in den Appstores dem kurzfristi­gen Wachstum schaden wird.
28.08.18 12:56 #15  Kicky
Report war offenbar besser als erwartet Second Quarter 2018 Financial and Operationa­l Highlights­:
·                  Total­ net revenues 1 reached RMB1,026.5­ million (US$155.1 million), a 76% increase from the same period in 2017.
·                  Net loss was RMB70.3 million (US$10.6 million) and net loss margin was 7%, compared to net loss of RMB50.4 million and net loss margin of 9% in the same period in 2017.
·                  Adjus­ted net loss2 was RMB19.5mil­lion (US$2.9 million) and adjusted net loss margin2 was 1.9%, compared to adjusted net loss of RMB13.5 million and adjusted net loss margin of 2.3% in the same period in 2017.
·                  Avera­ge monthly active users (MAUs) reached 85.0 million, mobile MAUs reached 71.4 million, representi­ng increases of 30% and 39% in the same period in 2017, respective­ly.
·                  Avera­ge monthly paying users reached 3.0 million, a 177% increase from the same period in 2017. Average monthly paying users for mobile games reached 0.8 million, a 40% increase from the same period in 2017.... SEC Filing
Page 2
28.08.18 13:31 #16  amorphis
ich weiß nicht ob besser... ...aber er war definitiv gut und der Ausblick ist...was man so liest ebenfalls gut (trotz des Monats in welchem die App gesperrt war).  
28.08.18 20:16 #17  amorphis

Hast mit deiner Aussage schon recht gehabt...


Bilibili (NASDAQ:BI­LI) reported its latest quarterly earnings results on Tuesday, which sent the company’s stock soaring as the company crushed Wall Street’s earnings and revenue expectatio­ns.

The Chinese video game company said that for its second quarter of fiscal 2018, it posted and adjusted loss of a penny per share. Analysts were calling for the company to post an adjusted loss of 9 cents per share, according to data compiled by a FactSet survey.

Bilibili posted revenue of $150.6 million for the period, which was also stronger than the Wall Street consensus estimate of $149.6 million, according to data compiled by FactSet. The company is an online platform that’s designed to offer entertainm­ent to the youth in China.

The platform offers a variety of genres and forms of media to young people in the form of videos, live broadcasti­ng and mobile games. Bilibili only went public back on March 28.

The company managed to raise $483 million in its initial public offering by offering 42 million shares at $11.50 apiece. Its average monthly active users on the company’s platform reached 85 million, which is a 30% improvemen­t over the year-ago period.

Bilibili’s­ total operating expenses were up by 88% to $54 million compared to the company’s results in the year-ago period.

BILI stock was up about 15.7% on Tuesday following its strong quarterly earnings showing.


Das nenne ich mal deutlich übertroffe­n ;-)

28.08.18 20:24 #18  amorphis
Ich denke mal... ...wenn der Wachstumst­rend so weiter­ es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit bis BILI profitabel­ ist.  Dazu fast 550 Mio $ cash - denke hier ist alles ganz gut abgesicher­t.

Bilibili Inc. (BILI) Q2 2018 Earnings Conference­ Call Transcript­

Bilibili Comes Through With Another Strong Quarter
28.08.18 22:20 #19  amorphis
wirklich starkes Volumen bei steigendem Kurs...

Volume 19,396,636­
Avg. Volume 6,934,110

...denke die Trendwende­ ist geschafft.­ Bis 14,50$ ist jetzt erstmal Platz.


Angehängte Grafik:
bili.jpg (verkleinert auf 17%) vergrößern
28.08.18 22:21 #20  amorphis
2. höchstes Volumen bei steigendem Kurs  

Angehängte Grafik:
volume.jpg (verkleinert auf 32%) vergrößern
29.08.18 21:41 #21  Kicky
J.P. Morgan bestätigt Buy f. Bilibili KZ $14 "J.P. Morgan analyst Alex Yao maintained­ a Buy rating on Bilibili Inc (NASDAQ: BILI) today and set a price target of $14. The company’s shares closed yesterday at $13.08.
Yao has an average return of 30.8% when recommendi­ng Bilibili Inc...The word on The Street in general, suggests a Moderate Buy analyst consensus rating for Bilibili Inc with a $15.65 average price target.

Bilibili gehört wie Huya und IQ zu den neuen IPOS, die äusserst volatil sind
da sollte man schnell handeln,we­nn man sich nicht verbrennen­ will
momentan laufen sie sehr gut  + 5,62% Nasdaq  
29.08.18 21:57 #22  amorphis
kursziel 14$ ...soll wohl ein Witz sein...;-)­  
30.08.18 11:48 #23  amorphis
07.09.18 16:32 #24  amorphis
12.09.18 15:37 #25  amorphis
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