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Dow Jones Industrial Average

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Dow Jones - Daily Market Direction

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24.02.08 17:25 #1  Parocorp
Dow Jones - Daily Market Direction Updated Friday, 2/22 for Monday's market.

Key DOW Levels for 2/25
UP Above 12,600
DN Below 12,150

Short Term Dow

The Dow closed the day with a vertical rally today and is now heading toward near-term resistance­ at 12,500, seen in the 5 Minute Chart. Watch this level closely for early direction Monday morning.


The Dow ended the day with big gains after rallying sharply from lows. The index has redrawn the boundaries­ of the large triangle, which continues to build out ahead of the next key breakout opportunit­y.


01.03.08 15:02 #2  Parocorp
Update für Montag Updated Friday, 2/29 for Monday's market.

Key DOW Levels for 3/3
UP Above 12,800
DN Below 12,150

Heavy Selling..
Dow drops sharply at Open, continues lower throughout­ session.

From prior commentary­, "...The fact that the Dow has been hesitant on its upward pursuit indicates we could see a redefiniti­on of the triangle. Continue to watch 12,800 for clear signs of strength, and 12,500 for early signs of weakness..­."

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