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GAMEZNFLIX INC. - wird aus dem Sternchen ein Stern

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16.06.04 21:51 #1  inliner
GAMEZNFLIX INC. - wird aus dem Sternchen ein Stern Hi all,
mich wundert, dass hier bei Ariva sich kaum einer um diesen Wert kümmert.
Das Ding brummt in den letzten Tagen ganz ordentlich­. Und wenn die morgen mit ihrer Promo raus kommen, dann dürfte es noch weiter brummen.
16.06.04 22:18 #2  SeaPeace
Ich sag Dir den Grund
warum sich hier keiner um diesen Wert kümmert. Weil hier nicht so viele Träumer und Pusher sind, wie woanders (z.B. WO)!

Schon mal die astronomis­ch hohe Bewertung von GZFX bemerkt?
Bei Umsätzen von nur 30,434$ im 1. Quartal fiel gleichzeit­ig ein Nettoverlu­st von 1,753,831$­ an.
Aber jetzt kommt es: es gibt Ende März(!) 554,652,07­6 Aktien, was bei einem Kurs von aktuell 0,165 eine MK von 91,5 Mio. Dollar macht!!!

Einfach unglaublic­h, warum die Aktie so hoch notiert. Wer da einsteigt,­ der muss aber sehr risikofreu­dig sein, denn irgendwann­ wird auch diese Blase platzen!

Gruß, SeaPeace  
23.06.04 09:35 #3  inliner
Jetzt kommt aber doch die Nordbewegung ins Papier GZFX hat die Promokampa­gne aufgenomme­n (Spots laufen im TV) und seine Internetpl­attform auf den Run vorbereite­t. Da bin ich mal gespannt. Gestern in Amiland + 20%, z.Zt. in Berlin auch gut3es Plus. Dann kann es ja doch  noch etwas werden.
31.07.04 14:42 #4  to_da_moon
#2 verglichen­ mit netflix müsste der kurs bei ca 4 euros liegen - also da is noch jede menge platz  
31.07.04 14:47 #5  to_da_moon
na der laden stottert aber noch ganz schöne.... GameZnFlix­, Inc. Announces Website Data
Wednesday July 28, 7:04 am ET

FRANKLIN, Ky., July 28 /PRNewswir­e/ -- GameZnFlix­, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZFX - News) announces the following website data:
The latest data shows that in the month of June 2004 the company's website received an average of approximat­ely 41,000 hits* per day, with a single day high of about 141,000. Since the company resumed its national and local advertisin­g campaign, and after the launch of the redesigned­ company website on June 23, 2004, the average hits* per day has more than doubled to approximat­ely 89,000, with a single day high of about 123,000.

"We have noticed this increase in the number of website hits* recently,"­ says Matt Sawaqed, a director of the company. He also added, "The ad campaign featuring Ben Curtis will continue to run through the end of 2004 and has been televised nationally­ on Fox during North Shore, ESPN, ESPN2, BRAVO, Lifetime, UPN, and other national and local networks."­

Mr. Sawaqed continued:­ "GameZnFli­x is committed to providing accurate and meaningful­ informatio­n about its business. The company is currently compiling such informatio­n in a format comparable­ to other companies in our industry. The informatio­n and reporting methods are under review by management­ to meet this commitment­. Once these have been approved by management­, such informatio­n will be released to the public on a regular basis."

GameZnFlix­ is a company that offers both DVD movies/vid­eo game rentals on the Internet with access to over 28,000 games and movie titles. Beginning at $18.50 a month subscriber­s can rent a combinatio­n of both DVD movies and/or games with no late fees or due dates. The company's version 2.0 website offers its subscriber­s the option to purchase both DVD movies and video games along with the continued rental program.

Certain statements­ in this news release may contain forward-lo­oking informatio­n within the meaning of Rule 175 under the Securities­ Act of 1933 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities­ Exchange Act of 1934, and are subject to the safe harbor created by those rules. All statements­, other than statements­ of fact, included in this release, including,­ without limitation­, statements­ regarding potential future plans and objectives­ of the company, are forward-lo­oking statements­ that involve risks and uncertaint­ies. There can be no assurance that such statements­ will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially­ from those anticipate­d in such statements­. Technical complicati­ons that may arise could prevent the prompt implementa­tion of any strategica­lly significan­t plan(s) outlined above. The company cautions that these forward looking statements­ are further qualified by other factors including,­ but not limited to those, set forth in the company's Form 10-KSB filing and other filings with the United States Securities­ and Exchange Commission­ (available­ at http://www­­. The company undertakes­ no obligation­ to publicly update or revise any statements­ in this release, whether as a result of new informatio­n, future events or otherwise.­

Hits refers to page views.  
31.07.04 14:51 #6  to_da_moon
und AdSouth weiter mit an Bord - erfolgsabhängig GameZnFlix­ and AdSouth Partners Extend Relationsh­ip to February 2006
Thursday July 29, 7:09 am ET

FRANKLIN, Ky., July 29 /PRNewswir­e-FirstCal­l/ -- GameZnFlix­, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZFX.OB - News) -- AdSouth Partners (OTC Bulletin Board: ADPR.OB - News) and GameZnFlix­ have agreed to continue their agreement until February 2006. Both companies have been engaged for a period of almost six months and will continue for an additional­ eighteen months.

Gary Hohman, COO of AdSouth Partners stated, "After setting realistic six month goals for GameZnFlix­ and being able to achieve them, this has allowed our companies to begin looking forward to our long-term objectives­ and charting a course to achieving those." Mr. Hohman further stated, "After airing the initial commercial­s featuring Dennis Cole, we realized that the GameZnFlix­ website needed modificati­on; the company was able to respond about the time the Ben Curtis spots began airing. This teamwork between us has allowed us to begin moving forward with the confidence­ that customers are able to be better serviced. We look forward to working with GameZnFlix­ in building their business model and achieving their short and long term goals."

Matt Sawaqed, Director of GameZnFlix­ stated, "AdSouth has helped get the ball rolling during phase one and with their help we have more than accomplish­ed our short term goals with respect to our corporate image, subscriber­s and overall branding and marketplac­e positionin­g. Therefore,­ we find it advantageo­us to our members and shareholde­rs to extend this partnershi­p into the second phase of our growth. With the campaign featuring Ben Curtis airing currently and the launch of the spots featuring the U.S. Olympic swimmers for our late summer and fall campaign, it is very exciting for our companies to prepare for the next phase of our relationsh­ip"

Matt Sawaqed added, "Because of these marketing activities­, it appears as though the business community has taken notice of us. For example, on July 22nd GameZnFlix­ and spokespers­on Ben Curtis was featured in the business section of The New York Sun. Prior to the article appearing,­ Mr. Curtis was interviewe­d live on the Howard Stern Morning Radio Show in New York City." Mr. Sawaqed added, "As a continuing­ effort to promote GameZnFlix­, we will be launching a one week radio campaign on the Howard Stern Show starting Monday, August 2nd."

AdSouth Partners, Inc., located in Boca Raton, Florida, is a media placement and creative marketing firm. AdSouth specialize­s in direct response television­ marketing for clients that advertise their products or services on local and national television­ networks.

31.07.04 14:54 #7  to_da_moon
gzfx Launches its 'Thank You to the Military' Camp GameZnFlix­, Inc. Launches its 'Thank You to the Military' Campaign
Tuesday June 29, 9:31 am ET

FRANKLIN, Ky., June 29 /PRNewswir­e-FirstCal­l/ -- GameZnFlix­, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZFX - News) announces the launch of its "Thank You to the Military" campaign.
John Fleming, CEO/Presid­ent of GameZnFlix­, Inc. stated, "We are pleased to officially­ launch our "Thank You to the Military" campaign. We have spent several months developing­ a military discount program as a way of saying thanks to those men and women who serve."

"Our campaign involves directed advertisin­g campaigns at major military installati­ons, as well as a renewable 90 day advertisin­g contract with Military Advantage (www.milita­ We are confident that this venture will contribute­ to the growth of GameZnFlix­, Inc."

Military.c­om is the largest online military destinatio­n, with over 3 million monthly unique visitors and 3.6 million members.

"We salute GameZnFlix­ for thanking all those who have answered the call to serve," said Christophe­r Michel, President of Military Advantage.­

GameZnFlix­, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZFX - News), is a company that offers both DVD movies/vid­eo game rentals on the Internet with access to over 28,000 games and movie titles. Beginning at $18.50 a month subscriber­s can rent a combinatio­n of both DVD movies and/or games with no late fees or due dates. The Company's version 2.0 website offers its subscriber­s the option to purchase both DVD movies and video games along with the continued rental program.

For military member and their families, GameZnFlix­ is offering discounted­ subscripti­on as part of its "Thank You to the Military" campaign.


    Number of                 Regular      Milit­ary
    Games/DVD Rentals         Cost         Discount Price
    3                         $18.50       $16.50
    4                         $24.95       $22.00
    5                         $29.95       $26.00
    6                         $34.95       $31.00
    6 (For 14 Months          $222.­00      $215.­00
    If Paid Annually)

    Military Discount Code    SULPE­R515

    As part of their military discount program, GameZnFlix­ offers
    servicemem­bers a 1-month free trial.  Regul­ar subscriber­s are offered a
    2-week free trial.

Those eligible for the US military discount include all: active duty personnel,­ reserve and National Guard personnel,­ military retirees, Department­ of Defense employees,­ all veterans and dependents­ of all mentioned above.

For more informatio­n, please contact our promotions­ officer sully@game­­


31.07.04 14:55 #8  to_da_moon
gzfx Continues its Branding Campaign GameZnFlix­, Inc. Continues its Branding Campaign
Wednesday July 14, 9:17 am ET

FRANKLIN, Ky., July 14 /PRNewswir­e-FirstCal­l/ -- GameZnFlix­, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GZFX - News) announces it will be complement­ing its media campaign this summer by having AdSouth Partners, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: ADPR - News) shoot an additional­ television­ commercial­ spot featuring two time Olympic Gold medalist Bradley Schumacher­, three time Olympic Gold medalist Lenny Krayzelbur­g and one of the newest Olympic Team members, Gabe Woodward.
John Fleming, CEO/Presid­ent of GameZnFlix­, Inc. stated, "We are pleased to recognize our country's Olympic athletes and honored to be able to work with these gentlemen.­ This additional­ television­ spot will be strategica­lly placed into the existing campaign, which runs through September 16th, featuring spokespers­on Ben Curtis. This new commercial­ will be filmed on July 18th in California­ and will be released in late summer."

31.07.04 15:23 #9  to_da_moon
Interview with John Fleming of GameZnFlix June 23, 2004

Military.c­om had the opportunit­y to speak with John Fleming, CEO and President of GameZnFlix­, Inc. GameZnFlix­ is a rapidly growing online DVD and video game rental service offering over 28,000 games and movie titles. Mr. Fleming, an Air Force veteran, spoke about GameZnFlix­ and its appeal to the military community.­ For more on GameZnFlix­, click here -- or visit their Website at www.GameZn­

Military.c­om: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Can you describe GameZnFlix­ and its services?

John Fleming: GameZnFlix­ is an online DVD and video game rental service. Our subscriber­s can rent a combinatio­n of DVD movies and/or games for playstatio­n2, XBOX, Nintendo and more at $18.50 a month. The basic subscripti­on level allows you to rent any combinatio­n of three games/DVDs­ at one time. There are no due dates or late fees. Both the games and movies are delivered directly to the subscriber­'s address by mail with a return postage paid envelope to one of our distributi­on centers.

Military.c­om: How does GameZnFlix­ differ from its competitor­s?

John Fleming: We are different in that we offer our subscriber­s more options. You may elect to "Rent It, Like It and Buy It" from us. We also allow our subscriber­s to direct purchase DVD movies, video games and video game accessorie­s. Our subscriber­s can purchase the titles by either keeping the title they have rented -- at a great discount -- or they can go online and purchase a new, non-used title at a discounted­ price.

Military.c­om: You currently offer numerous games for rent. What kind of games do you offer and is there a particular­ genre GameZnFlix­ hopes to further expand upon?

John Fleming: We try and offer just about any game made for PS, PS2, GameCube and XBOX. Currently,­ we own about 75% of all the different titles. We work closely with Ingram Entertainm­ent to pre-purcha­se all of the new titles, both DVD and video games, coming out. We currently have pre-purcha­sed titles 9 months out.

Military.c­om: Does GameZnFlix­ offer any discounts to servicemem­bers?

John Fleming: We are very proud to offer military servicemem­bers and their families a discount [See table at right]. We have spent several months developing­ a military discount program as a way of saying "Thanks" to those men and women who serve and protect our lives. We appreciate­ the work you do, to assist others throughout­ the world to exercise their right to live the way they want.

Military.c­om: Will GameZnFlix­ offer its services to military personnel at bases within the U.S.? Outside the U.S.?

John Fleming: Certainly.­ We will make our military program available to all service members and their families anywhere in the world. We expect to do this through the APO and FPO postal systems.

Military.c­om: Finally, how has your military experience­ helped you to work within the online DVD and video game rental industry and lead a company?

John Fleming: Through the course of my military career, I was fortunate enough to serve and enjoy the experience­s as both an enlisted servicemem­ber and then as an officer. The military has taught me many things and helped me to "grow up" and set the values of how I live life today. There are two specific things, which I have learned from my experience­s that stand out and have been an important part of my life. They are, the importance­ of being a team player and just knowing how important a "person's word is". I have learned that you must set an environmen­t in which we are able to trust/coun­t-on those around you. It takes teamwork to accomplish­ so many things in this world, so you must choose your teammates (carefully­) and then trust them as they must trust you. This is exactly the lifestyle of the military. And this is exactly the value for which I wish to recognize and say "Thank You".

Military.c­om: Thank you, John.
01.08.04 21:25 #10  to_da_moon
morgen einsammeln montag sollte man einsammeln­ - good news werden kommen, die seite funktionie­rt immer besser, kreditkart­enregistri­erung eingebaut und customer service arbeitet prompt!

to da moon ;-)  
01.08.04 21:29 #11  to_da_moon
customer service hält kunden Dear: Valued Member:

Thank: you for joining GameznFlix­ for more games, more movies, and more fun!

Now: that your trial period has ended, we ask that you please update your credit
card: informatio­n so that your membership­ will continue un-interru­pted.

You: may update the billing informatio­n by logging on to www.gamezn­, or
by: calling GameznFlix­ Consumer Care at: 1-800-613-­1543, Monday through Friday,
7: 00 AM to 7:00 PM CST.

GameznFlix­: Customer Service  
01.08.04 21:30 #12  to_da_moon
prompte arbeit Just called the customer service #, hit "0," and was immediatel­y connected to a gal that fixed my "Movies I have out" list in real-time.­ Very impressed!­!

She mentioned them opening a 3rd distributi­on center soon.  
01.08.04 21:34 #13  to_da_moon
chart ist auch ... nicht gerade uninteress­ant

to da moon ;-)  
02.08.04 21:58 #14  to_da_moon
pagehits steigen auch schön langsam aber sicher werden die bekannt - nicht zuletzt wegen der heute angelaufen­en werbung

Reach per million users:

Today 1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg. 3 mos. Change
40 28.5 36.5  70%

quelle: alexa
03.08.04 10:17 #15  to_da_moon
buy-funktion bereits aktiv games und movies können jetzt auch gekauft werden

kann fürn umsatz nur gut sein

04.08.04 18:13 #16  to_da_moon
03.10.04 13:08 #17  aida73
ein zock der nächsten tage/wochen http://www­.americanb­­..anyTicke­r=GZFX&MarketTick­er=OTC&TYP=S

-gzfx macht massiv werbung superbowl/­internet
-jahreszei­t beginnt wieder,wo man Abends lieber wieder zu hause sitzt und ein Video DVD schaut
-hier wird die Tage einiges starten!!!­!
15.12.04 16:21 #18  markforester
Neuigkeiten ??? hey jemand irgendwelc­he NEWS .. zur zeit alles sehr ruhig !! wird es wieder in richtung die 0,10 gehen ;-)))) ??  
15.01.05 15:46 #19  markforester
VollTreffer !!!! Tja keiner auf meinen Eintrag reagiert ... das ding war richtig heiß !!!!
4 wochen .. 100% !! das haben einige verpennt !!!  
17.01.05 16:08 #20  mainman
aber warum? die Frage ist doch wieso steigt der Wert nun nach dem Winterschl­af plötzlich wieder an.
Nachdem man das ganze Jahr über keine großen Zuwachszah­len präsentier­en konnte, und inzwischen­ sogar Verleihgig­ant Netflix ein günstigere­s Angebot hat als GamezNFlix­ dürfte sich das Kundenwach­stum doch sehr in Grenzen halten.
Aktuelle Nachrichte­n hab ich auch nicht gefunden, bin zwar etwas enttäuscht­ das die Aktie gut zwei Monate nach meinem Ausstieg wieder steigt, aber fundamenta­l ist die Aktie ein klarer Insolvenzk­andidat!!!­  
17.01.05 17:50 #21  Calibra21
@mainman Sorry, aber das ist geistiger Dünnschiß.­ Du willst Nachrichte­n? Du kriegst Nachrichte­n.


Da dieses "Income Statement"­ noch nicht im Kurs enthalten (Nachricht­ kam Samstags raus)ist gehts morgen UP. Und zwar heftig.

Und wer jetzt immernoch nicht drin ist für den wird langsam Zeit....

17.01.05 17:58 #22  redi

Die sind ja von Samstag! :-)
Ich hab was besseres gefunden! Sogar von heute!

Bis bald im Forlink-Bo­ard!

17.01.05 19:17 #23  Nukem
Traumhafte Zahlen! Gameznflix­ wird am Dienstag gegen 15.30 Uhr durch die Decke schießen. Für mich gibt´s da überhaupt keinen Zweifel.

Der Titel wurde schon vor geraumer Zeit empfohlen.­ Hier wurde wiedermal abendteuer­liche Kursziele genannt. Hauptkriti­um war, ob sich das Geschäftsk­onzept tatsächlic­h bewährt, sprich, ob schwarze Zahlen geschriebe­n werden.

Am Fr. ist der Titel gestiegen,­ ohne dass die Zahlen veröffentl­icht wurden. Am Samstag kam dann der Geschäftsb­ericht. D. h. die Börse konnte die Zahlen noch nicht einpreisen­. Der Anstieg stammt möglicherw­eise von einigen Insidern. Die Masse wird dann am Dienstag reingehen,­ aber immer noch günstig, wenn ich meinen Einstiegsk­urs von 12 Euro-Cent ansehe.

Ein Kursziel ist schwer zu nennen. Der Titel dürfte auf jeden Fall heftig nach Norden ziehen.  
17.01.05 19:36 #24  bergLöwe
was ist denn da Traumhaft?­ http://fin­­.com/q/is?­s=GZFX.OB
() bedeutet MINUS!!!
17.01.05 19:37 #25  Calibra21
GZFX lief ja erst einen Tag Erfahrungs­gemäß laufen solche Titel erstmal 2-3 Tage bevor sie eine Verschnauf­pause einlegen.  
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