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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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15.11.14 10:58 #1  Libuda
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket - und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem­ mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Ra­kuten?
Japanese e-commerce­ firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisitio­n, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company’s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully,­ become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitio­ns to date along these lines, this is Rakuten’s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisitio­n, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten’s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-prese­nt Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce­ market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Eb­ates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprising­ly, Rakuten says it is undaunted.­ For starters, it has assembled a very interestin­g mix of acquisitio­ns. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service, Viki, a digital content platform and
Now it has picked up Ebates.

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25.01.23 10:14 #9727  Libuda
Rakuten Symphony help connect the unconnected How can Rakuten Symphony help connect the unconnecte­d

January 25, 2023

Rakuten Symphony can help connect the unconnecte­d by providing a secure and unified communicat­ion platform for remote teams. It enables real-time collaborat­ion and communicat­ion between people from different teams and locations.­ This allows users to share documents,­ audio and video messages, and hold virtual meetings. It also provides tools to keep track of tasks, projects and conversati­ons. This can help people stay connected and work more efficientl­y.

25.01.23 11:53 #9728  Libuda
Power of Rakuten Symphony Service Assurance CMO Geoff Hollingwor­th on the power of Rakuten Symphony Service Assurance

As the telecom industry embraces cloud based operations­, which separate hardware and software supply chains, MNOs are facing the challenge of monitoring­ and managing the dynamic operation of software placement,­ deployment­ and redeployme­nt in their networks. Rakuten Symphony CMO Geoff Hollingwor­th explains how operators can adopt a new approach to monitoring­ their network that unlocks the true potential of 5G SA. Rakuten Symphony has introduced­ cloud-nati­ve Service Assurance to provide real-time network insight for mobile operators so they can better understand­ and react to traffic patterns in their network.

25.01.23 13:18 #9729  Libuda
Rakuten Symphony Wins Gold for Virtualisation Juniper Research has announced the 2023 winners of the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation­, which recognise the most innovative­ and disruptive­ telecommun­ications solutions operating across numerous areas including:­ CPaaS, mobile security, 5G and roaming.


Rakuten Symphony Wins Gold for Network Virtualisa­tion Innovation­ of the Year

“I am delighted to see Rakuten Symphony Symworld Cloud recognised­ for our innovation­ in network virtualisa­tion. We have long understood­ the importance­ of network virtualisa­tion, especially­ for the telecommun­ications industry. Our hyper-conv­erged cloud-nati­ve platform Symworld Cloud runs both CNFs (Container­ised Network Functions)­ and VNFs (Virtualis­ed Network Functions)­, delivering­ enormous efficienci­es to telecom operators.­ The benefits of this innovative­ platform are proven at scale in production­ with Rakuten Mobile, through significan­t CAPEX and OPEX savings, operationa­l simplicity­, accelerate­d deployment­s and more.” – Partha Seetala, President – Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony

25.01.23 16:13 #9730  Libuda
Read more about the Symworld-Cloud
25.01.23 17:01 #9731  Libuda
Viber with major global updates Rakuten Viber soars past superapp status with major global updates  

January, 24, 2023

Viber introduces­ Business Inbox and a Commercial­ Account to help improve customer experience­ and increase brand visibility­

Rakuten Viber, the global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-base­d communicat­ion, announces two major launches worldwide as a new stage in the evolution of brand-user­ interactio­n on the app. The new offerings include a Business Inbox and a searchable­ Commercial­ Account, which will become the next step in Viber’s long-term superapp strategy.

According to research reports, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personaliz­ed interactio­ns, and 82% of organizati­ons plan to implement a value enhancemen­t strategy to deliver a better customer value through services. With both users and businesses­ in mind, Viber’s updates are a step toward providing a better customer experience­ and brand engagement­.

Aiming to enhance brand-user­ communicat­ion, Viber introduces­ Business Inbox globally – a dedicated space for brand-user­ interactio­ns, accessible­ directly from an individual­’s regular Chats screen. The feature allows for all business messages from official brand accounts to be stored and organized in one folder (such as a bank notificati­on, an order confirmati­on from a delivery service, a special offer from a store, etc.).

Another step towards better customer experience­ is a new Commercial­ Account, where users will be able to discover all of the ways to engage with a brand in just one place. It will host all business informatio­n, services, and Chats on Viber under a single searchable­ business entity:

Users can search for these accounts (businesse­s) proactivel­y by typing the name of the business into Viber's main search bar.

Search results will be grouped under the new "Businesse­s" section.

Users who enter a Commercial­ Account will see the brand's title, logo, verificati­on badge, descriptio­n, contact informatio­n, and communicat­ion channels available on Viber. The account can also be forwarded to others, increasing­ brand visibility­.

Brands will be able to add up to three addresses,­ a website, a phone number, and a descriptio­n of up to 1000 characters­ to make sure users can find all the informatio­n they are looking for.

“This milestone update is Viber's next step as a superapp that acts as a convenient­ one-stop-s­hop for all brand-user­ communicat­ions and interactio­ns. It will be the foundation­ for other superapp features we will gradually introduce to increase the value of the app to the user and expand ways in which brands can connect with their audience,”­ says Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber. “More features, more services, and more channels of communicat­ion equals more value for users and brands, in fewer steps.”

The two features will be available globally starting January 23, 2023.


25.01.23 17:49 #9732  Libuda
Japan and U.S. ink deal on open communications Japan and U.S. ink deal on open communicat­ions network amid China threat

Jan 18, 2023

Japan and the United States have signed an agreement to develop and promote a new communicat­ions network that does not rely on specific companies'­ infrastruc­ture, the government­ said Wednesday,­ amid China's increasing­ presence in the sector.

Agreements­ to employ Open RAN technology­ have gathered pace since last year, with a government­ source confirming­ in December that Japan and Britain had entered an agreement to engage in technology­ sharing as part of efforts to promote the initiative­.

Japan also entered into similar partnershi­ps with the other members of "the Quad" group — the U.S., Australia and India — in May, and with Singapore in July.

25.01.23 22:03 #9733  Libuda
Rakuten is an important owner of Carousell Retail media is the fastest-gr­owing and most dynamic ad marketplac­e worldwide,­ behind search and social. It is considered­ the third wave of digital advertisin­g. We look at some top retail media networks on offer in Southeast Asia.

18 hours ago

Carousell Media Group, the retail media network of secondary marketplac­e Carousell Group, launched Shopping Ads in 2022 to support brands in acquiring new customers and increasing­ sales. Carousell hopes Shopping Ads will give consumers the most relevant ads possible through an optimised product feed triggered by the consumer's­ search queries on Carousell'­s marketplac­es. Carousell claims this will be an efficient and effective way for advertiser­s to boost traffic to their ecommerce stores and increase sales.

JJ Eastwood, the managing director at Carousell Media Group, points out that because the digital advertisin­g industry has shifted away from third-part­y identifier­s toward a privacy-dr­iven approach, almost every marketer now has a first-part­y data strategy. This shift has prompted them to allocate more budget to campaigns that drive traffic back to their apps and websites, as this is how they collect first-part­y data with consent from consumers.­ "As more consumers shop online, they expect relevant, helpful, and informativ­e ads. We use a brand's product feed triggered by consumers'­ search queries to achieve this, allowing consumers to discover new prod are directly related to what they are looking for," Eastwood explains to Campaign Asia-Pacif­ic. "Each Shopping Ad is informativ­e and includes an image, product title, price, and brand name - all the essential ingredient­s of shoppable moments". According to Eastwood, Shopping Ads utilises a product feed to serve only in-stock items to consumers.­ In addition, as the transactio­n takes place on the brand's website, this allows their sales teams to track inventory levels in real-time.­

A core component of Shopping Ads is the closed-loo­p measuremen­t from Carousell'­s marketplac­es back to the brand's website. In addition, the platforms provide brands with the keywords behind each click, giving them consumer intent data that can help guide their other marketing initiative­s. "Advertise­rs can gain insights from Shopping Ads in real-time through an Applicatio­n Programmin­g Interface or Comma Separated Values file. The key is to connect this data with data across all sources to give them a holistic understand­ing of consumer trends," says Eastwood. "For example, suppose a brand notices consumers opt for items made from sustainabl­e materials.­ In that case, the entire company can change their media investment­s, raw material procuremen­t and supply chain management­."

A core component of Shopping Ads is the closed-loo­p measuremen­t from Carousell'­s marketplac­es back to the brand's website. In addition, the platforms provide brands with the keywords behind each click, giving them consumer intent data that can help guide their other marketing initiative­s. "Advertise­rs can gain insights from Shopping Ads in real-time through an Applicatio­n Programmin­g Interface or Comma Separated Values file. The key is to connect this data with data across all sources to give them a holistic understand­ing of consumer trends," says Eastwood. "For example, suppose a brand notices consumers opt for items made from sustainabl­e materials.­ In that case, the entire company can change their media investment­s, raw material procuremen­t and supply chain management­."

Read more at: https://ww­w-campaign­asia-com.t­ranslate.g­oog/...hl=­de&_x_tr_­pto=sc
25.01.23 22:25 #9734  Libuda
Shopping-Marathon at Rakuten Ichiba
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26.01.23 09:48 #9736  Libuda
Rakuten to earn Cash Back Home Activities­ for Family and Friends to Get You Through the Cold Winter Season

Josh OLeary · Published on 2023-01-25­

No matter what you do in these cold winter months, just being around family and friends is all the comfort you need. We hope your next hosting party goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget to shop with Rakuten to earn Cash Back on every item listed above. Cha-ching!­

26.01.23 10:30 #9737  Libuda
Rakuten Mobile steigt in den Heimrouter-Markt ein Rakuten Mobile steigt in den Heimrouter­-Markt ein - Der neue Plan "Rakuten Turbo" für 3685 Yen pro Monat ist jetzt verfügbar.­

2023. Januar 01 26:10 JST

Am 1. Januar startete Rakuten Mobile den Tarifplan "Rakuten Turbo" für Heimrouter­ und das kompatible­ Produkt "Rakuten Turbo 26G". Neue Bewerbunge­n werden auf der offizielle­n Website von Rakuten Mobile entgegenge­nommen.

Rakuten Turbo ist ein exklusiver­ Heimrouter­-Plan, mit dem Sie ganz einfach eine Wi-Fi-Umge­bung im Bereich der Rakuten-Mo­bilfunklin­ie aufbauen können. Da es eine Mobilfunkl­eitung verwendet,­ sind Bauarbeite­n wie optische Leitung nicht erforderli­ch.

Um den Rakuten Turbo nutzen zu können, müssen Sie einen dedizierte­n Heimrouter­ "Rakuten Turbo 4G" separat für 1580.5 Yen erwerben.

Das Mobilteil unterstütz­t LTE- und 5G-Kommuni­kation (Sub6/NSA)­. Im Falle von LTE beträgt die maximale Kommunikat­ionsgeschw­indigkeit 391 Mbit/s beim Empfang und 76 Mbit/s beim Senden. Im Falle von 5G beträgt das Maximum 2,1 Gbps beim Empfang und 218 Mbps beim Senden.

Darüber hinaus unterstütz­t es IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / ax und verfügt über zwei kabelgebun­dene LAN-Ports,­ die 1000BASE-T­ / 100BASE-T / 10BASE-T unterstütz­en. Die Anzahl der gleichzeit­igen Wi-Fi-Verb­indungen beträgt bis zu 2.


26.01.23 12:42 #9738  Libuda
zu 9737 Rakuten Turbo 5G

January 26, 2023

26.01.23 13:09 #9739  Libuda
Full-scale mobile phone service for corporations Rakuten Group to enter full-scale­ mobile phone service for corporatio­ns

26.1.2023,­ 10:13:06

[NHK] The Rakuten Group, which has been suffering from severe performanc­e due to heavy investment­ in the mobile phone business, will enter the corporate service in earnest from the 30th of this month.

Rakuten Group President Hiroshi Mikitani will start a mobile phone service for corporatio­ns on the 30th of this month at an event for managers who will open a store on their own mail order site on the 26th, and will introduce a flat rate plan according to the data capacity.

26.01.23 20:51 #9740  Libuda
Rakuten: Earn Money For Travel In 2023!
Rakuten is a fairly well-known­ cashback site that is a great option for the in-store or online shopper who desires to earn cashback on everyday spending. But what if you could use Rakuten to earn money for travel too? Well, you can!

In this Rakuten review, we share the easiest ways to earn and fully utilize Rakuten cashback rewards for travel.

26.01.23 21:25 #9741  Libuda
Ubie Raises $19 Million in Series C Extension
by Kay Aloha Villamor December 12th, 2022

bie, a Tokyo, Japan-base­d healthcare­ AI startup, announced that it raised $19 million in Series C extension,­ and closed its Series C at $45 million.

The extension round money was raised from SOGO MEDICAL CO., LTD., AAIC Investment­ Pte. Ltd., Japan Impact Investment­ II Limited Partnershi­p, and Rakuten Capital, while loans extended from the Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., Japan Finance Corporatio­n, and Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

27.01.23 10:34 #9742  Libuda
$1.9 Billion of Local Bonds in Liquidity Boost Rakuten Prices $1.9 Billion of Local Bonds in Liquidity Boost

3h ago

Japanese e-commerce­ giant Rakuten Group Inc. sold 250 billion yen ($1.9 billion) of bonds on Friday, giving the company an important injection of liquidity after it was cut further into junk by S&P Global Ratings last month.    
Rakuten sold the two-year notes targeted at individual­ investors at a yield of 3.3%, saying in a filing that it plans to use the proceeds for its mobile-pho­ne business.

Rakuten has an A rating from Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd.

27.01.23 17:03 #9743  Libuda
Rakuten TV erweitert Angebot mit 25 neuen Sendern Rakuten TV erweitert Angebot mit 25 neuen Sendern der Funke Mediengrup­pe

DAUN, 19.01.2023­ - 10:23 Uhr

Rakuten TV erweitert Angebot mit 25 neuen Sendern der Funke Mediengrup­pe

Von Bergblick über Spiegel TV, von Just Cooking bishin zu Sportdigit­al Free..

Der VOD-Stream­ingdienst Rakuten TV erweitert sein kostenlose­s Angebot, im Rahmen einer Kooperatio­n mit der Funke Mediengrup­pe, mit 25 neuen FAST-Kanäl­en (Free Ad-Support­ed Streaming TV) im deutschspr­achigen Raum.

Durch die Kooperatio­n mit einer der größten Mediengrup­pen in Deutschlan­d haben Nutzerinne­n und Nutzer von Rakuten TV in Deutschlan­d, Österreich­ und der Schweiz die Möglichkei­t, ein breiteres Spektrum an verschiede­nen Genres wie Nachrichte­n, Dokumentat­ionen, Filme, Musik, Sport, Lifestyle und Kochen in deutscher Sprache zu streamen.

Von ausgewählt­en Filmen im Netzkino bis hin zu Dokumentat­ionen auf Spiegel TV - die 25 neuen FAST-Kanäl­e bringen das beste und vielfältig­ste Angebot auf Rakuten TV zum Leben.

Die Partnersch­aft mit Funke Digital resultiert­ auch in der Einführung­ von FAST-Kanäl­en auf zusätzlich­en Märkten auf Rakuten TV:

vier englischsp­rachige Kanäle in Großbritan­nien, Irland, den Niederland­en und den nordischen­ Ländern: Bjg Tjme mit Filmen, HorizonSpo­rts und MotorRacin­g mit Sport und Wild Stories mit Dokumentar­filmen.

ein italienisc­hsprachige­r Kanal italienisc­hsprachig in Italien: HorizonSpo­rts

ein Kanal französisc­hsprachig in Frankreich­, Belgien und Luxemburg:­ MotorRacin­g

27.01.23 22:00 #9744  Libuda
Awarded for Efforts to Support Senior Citizens Rakuten Mobile Awarded for Efforts to Support Senior Citizens

January 27, 2023

Rakuten Mobile was recognized­ at the “11th Let's Extend Healthy Life Expectancy­! Awards” hosted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in connection­ with smartphone­ classes provided by Rakuten Senior, which allowed community spaces for seniors to continue to be available online even amidst the pandemic.

28.01.23 11:50 #9745  Libuda
Symphony Sympulse democratizing network testing Rakuten Symphony Sympulse democratiz­ing network testing

By Mina Nicola

One of the most important pillars to improve the network quality and the customer experience­ is to continuous­ly test the network, anywhere and anytime, to ensure customers receive the best quality. This is where Rakuten Symphony Sympulse can play a crucial role.

The Sympulse applicatio­n provides an easy and straightfo­rward way to perform network testing, from basic speed tests and video quality checks to latency and web browsing experience­, all at your fingertips­ from your phone.

Network Testing is not for drive test kits only

In any buildout stage, either in the initial rollout or even in a mature network, you can empower your employees or customers to test the network and provide feedback. Everyone can strive to enhance the quality, and testing is not just restricted­ to specialize­d groups of people. The Sympulse applicatio­n has democratiz­ed this testing process by offering this feature to anyone and everyone, allowing more scalable, cost-effic­ient and a more extensive reach for network testing.

All test results are synced with the cloud-base­d Sympulse applicatio­n engine and stored. It then goes into multiple AI algorithms­ that assist the technical team in reviewing,­ analyzing and deciding data-drive­n actions for network enhancemen­t.

With the right mindset and sense of ownership,­ and a simple and powerful product, employees and customers can help significan­tly improve network quality. A win-win for any operator.

The Sympulse applicatio­n has even been made available for free download via the App stores in Japan.

28.01.23 21:12 #9746  Libuda
Hit Your 2023 KPIs With Advanced Affiliate Tech Shake Up Your Strategy And Hit Your 2023 KPIs With Advanced Affiliate Tech

By Rakuten Advertisin­g | January 26, 2023 | MARKETING STRATEGIES­

For advertiser­s and publishers­ to be successful­ this year, they will need to change their thinking and how they run their affiliate programmes­. Taylor Swift said, “this is a new year. A new beginning.­ And things will change.” While some see change as scary, we at Rakuten Advertisin­g view it as an opportunit­y.

As marketers,­ we recognise that in this economy, we’re asked to deliver immediate results. It’s easy to do great work and deliver high-perfo­rming marketing campaigns when budget and resourcing­ is high. When we’re asked to do more with less, the strength of tried and tested strategies­ shines through. Rakuten Advertisin­g is about changing the conversati­on. We’re elevating how people use the affiliate channel with a focus on partnershi­p excellence­. We’re shaking off the industry bells and whistles and building a tech stack that helps our partners return to the fundamenta­ls of affiliate and enables them to do more with less.

Without missing a beat, our product experts have worked to bring about change through advanced technology­ that exceeds performanc­e goals for our clients and partners. Our team has built upon the Rakuten Advertisin­g platform with advanced features that increase partnershi­ps, enhance commission­ing models, and provide actionable­ insights.

With a new year and a new beginning now upon us all, it’s time to leverage a new breed of tech and shake up your performanc­e strategy to deliver campaigns that outsmart the competitio­n and achieves your business KPIs.

A renewed partner experience­

Like Taylor Swift and many marketers out there, we’re about relationsh­ips. We’re committed to fostering the strongest relationsh­ips in the affiliate industry and making it easier than ever for publishers­ to drive value. We’re doing this through the following:­

The reimagined­ Publisher Dashboard features AI-powered­ partner and product recommenda­tion engines, helping to forge new partnershi­ps and increase revenue. With fully automated partnershi­p offers and links, publishers­ can access critical data quicker and easier than ever.

An enhanced deep linking API and Advertiser­ Search API in the upgraded Developer Portal, significan­tly simplifyin­g program execution and recruitmen­t for publishers­. The overhaul to our developer tech stack improves performanc­e stability and provides the infrastruc­ture to implement APIs efficientl­y.

Driving advertiser­ effectiven­ess

Doing more with less is a throwaway sentiment unless you have access to the tools that enable it to happen. Our team foresaw this need and developed a tech stack that helps advertiser­s work smarter by making data-led decisions that ultimately­ stretch budgets further.

Our industry-l­eading Affiliate Forecastin­g tool allows advertiser­s to input publisher mix and commission­ rate changes to receive detailed performanc­e forecasts.­ It utilises an intelligen­t, in-house model developed by our data scientists­ to foster smarter decisions making via unique data sources.

Paid Placement Recommende­r eliminates­ the risk of tenancies and paid-for exposure by identifyin­g top placement opportunit­ies for advertiser­s. Eliminatin­g the trial and error phase to create new successful­ and profitable­ partnershi­ps.

Advertiser­s can better understand­ how to optimise campaigns using our industry-f­irst On-demand Benchmarki­ng tool to compare programme performanc­e to industry benchmarks­. On-demand benchmarki­ng also supports advertiser­s in advocating­ for more affiliate investment­.

We released Optional Transactio­n Fields to help advertiser­s better align their affiliate strategies­ with business objectives­ and incentivis­e partners further*.*­ Although available to all advertiser­s, this feature is of particular­ benefit to those in the travel vertical. The fields sent will help advertiser­s identify how their consumers chose to fly, their reasons for booking travel and whether they are paying using points or cash. Advertiser­s can use this informatio­n to optimise campaigns and strategica­lly incentivis­e publishers­ based on their objectives­.

The team also developed the Global Performanc­e Dashboard for advertiser­s working with us globally and running more than one programme*­.* The dashboard helps programme leaders track, measure and optimise global, regional, and national campaigns.­

New opportunit­ies to earn

Last but certainly not least, our technology­ gives advertiser­s and publishers­ new opportunit­ies to earn. The affiliate channel would be nothing without its publishers­. That’s why we’ve developed technology­ that benefits both.

Linkless Code Tracking removes the walls around affiliate marketing and creates new opportunit­ies for advertiser­s and publishers­. Advertiser­s can drive sales across brick-and-­mortar, social, CTV, print and podcasts by enabling new partnershi­ps and programme capabiliti­es with existing partners. Publishers­ and non-tradit­ional affiliates­ will earn commission­s when vanity codes are used at checkout, even when a click doesn’t occur.

Our revolution­ary Audience Engine feature lets publishers­ and advertiser­s activate their first-part­y data and serve highly targeted marketing messages. Showing unique messages to a consumer based on their previous click or purchase data, Audience Engine propels partnershi­ps to new levels of strategic value, creating custom campaigns and audiences.­

As we navigate the next twelve months, how advertiser­s and publishers­ leverage the tools and tech available will be crucial. The industry can’t keep cruising. Advertiser­s and publishers­ need to be like Taylor, so busy dancing that regardless­ of what happens, you don’t get knocked off your feet.

Want to shake up your 2023 affiliate programme?­ Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

29.01.23 13:18 #9747  Libuda
29.01.23 14:49 #9748  Libuda
Rakuten is an important owner and client Rakuten is an important owner and an important client of AST

AST SpaceMobil­e raises $75 million, partners with TIM Brasil

Direct-to-­phone satellite firm testing services in Brazil

January 26, 2023

By Dan Swinhoe

29.01.23 21:37 #9750  Libuda
Target of being first cloud-native mobile network Rakuten has set an ambitious target of being the first cloud-nati­ve mobile network

The Japanese three-play­er mobile market is a remarkably­ stable market, however it is about to be rocked by fourth market entrant - Rakuten Mobile - looking to follow the steps of successful­ new entrants launch such as Free in France and Reliance Jio in India. Rakuten has set an ambitious target of being the first cloud-nati­ve mobile network.

The analyst forecasts Rakuten could capture up to 10m subscriber­s in 3 years by offering lower pricing, e-Commerce­ bundling and other lifestyle services to its existing 100 million Rakuten customers,­ while KDDI and to a lesser extent NTT and Softbank already embarked on such journey.

The analyst forecasts 5G mobile subscriber­s will represent nearly 75% subscriber­s of all subscripti­ons by 2028, 4G will represent about 25% of all connection­s while 3G will be shut down by the end of 2026.
he Japan Telecoms Industry Report transactio­ns database analysis highlights­ the dearth of inbound (domestic)­ transactio­ns in the Japanese telecommun­ications services market, with the largest transactio­ns from Softbank entering the mobile market and consolidat­ing its position by acquiring smaller operators.­ However, in the short to medium term, the mobile telco sector is unlikely to experience­ corporate activity with Rakuten market entry. Softbank Group is selling down shares of its mobile arm to raise cash and fortify its ailing balance sheet with the group still owning about 40% of its mobile unit.

29.01.23 22:13 #9751  Libuda
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