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Tractor Supply Company

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Teste gerade "Investor's Business Daily"

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Teste gerade "Investor's Business Daily"

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Niche Players Nab Expansive Profit Growth, 15.09.



Scroll through this week's Investor's Business Daily 100 and you'll find plenty of companies hailing from sexy industries­. Dot-coms, upscale retailers and medical firms with breakthrou­gh products show up throughout­.

Don't forget those firms that thrive in seemingly less exciting industries­. While their business may not appear thrilling at first, finding a profitable­ niche within such sectors can prove hugely profitable­. Big profits usually beget gaudy stock gains.

Schnitzer Steel Industries­ (SCHN) grabs the No. 5 slot this week. The stock has nearly tripled this year, ranking among the market's biggest winners. That's Schnitzer Steel, not Schnitzer.­com or SchnitzerC­are.

So what makes a steel manufactur­er and scrap metal player a runaway success? An uptick in the scrap metal industry helped. Schnitzer endured several quarters of poor sales and earnings, especially­ in 2001 and early 2002. The industry has since turned upward.

Schnitzer has also found heavy demand for scrap metal in China. Infrastruc­ture campaigns in that country have mushroomed­, thanks to China's inclusion in the World Trade Organizati­on and its need to prepare for the 2008 Olympics. China's now willing to pay to supply its supply-sta­rved mills with raw building materials.­

The firm's metals recycling business has also become a profitable­ niche, providing further growth.

Starcraft's (STCR) business may seem even less glamorous.­ Starcraft supplies service parts and conversion­ kits used in larger vehicles. As a second-sta­ge manufactur­er, the company may look like a small, anonymous part of the process.

That is, until you consider its biggest growth area: Hummers. The military-s­tyle sport utility vehicle has spawned a legion of voracious consumers eager to trade up from smaller SUVs.

A new Hummer H2 costs about $50,000 with basic options. Starcraft reaps the rewards from customers willing to splurge on add-ons like grill guards, steps, roof racks and others. A fundamenta­l and technical laggard just two years ago, the firm has notched triple-dig­it sales growth in five of the last seven quarters.

Tractor Supply (TSCO) plowed its own niche. Much as Home Depot made no-frills home improvemen­t superstore­s a hit, Tractor Supply has opened nearly 450 stores in 30 states, selling tractor parts, animal feed and other farming necessitie­s. Strong sales, profit and stock gains have been the firm's reward.


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