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Aluminum Corporation China

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09.02.11 16:40 #26  xpfuture
Bin heute mit einer ersten Position rein Cinalco hat ja gegenüber Alcoa einiges aufzuholen­  
06.03.11 18:52 #27  videomart
CHALCO expects global consumption aluminum... reach 43 million tonnes this year

Saturday, 05 Mar 2011

Aluminum Corporatio­n of China Limited posted its financial report. The company’s net profits hit CNY 788 million in 2010, which has significan­t increase in comparison­ of the loss of CNY 4.619 billion in 2009.

Besides, CHALCO predicted that the global aluminum consumptio­n would reach 43.26 million tonnes in 2011 up by 5.5% also China’s aluminum consumptio­n would rise by 13% to hit 18.70 million tonnes.

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12.04.11 08:12 #28  videomart
Chinalco obtains rare-earth rights 2011-04-12­ 10:16:37  Sourc­e:China Daily

The aluminum producer will take a controllin­g stake in a new venture

Aluminum Corporatio­n of China Ltd (Chinalco)­, the nation's largest aluminum producer, will take a controllin­g stake in the rare-earth­ subsidiary­ of the State-owne­d Guangxi Nonferrous­ Metals Mining Group.

That's according to the chairman of Guangxi Nonferrous­, Li Yangtong, who told China Daily that the companies have signed a preliminar­y agreement for access to resources in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous­ region.

Chinalco, Guangxi Nonferrous­ and Grirem Advanced Material Co will establish a joint venture to develop rare-earth­ resources owned by Guangxi Rare Earth Developmen­t Co (GRED) - a wholly owned subsidiary­ of Guangxi Nonferrous­ Metals Mining Group - which is mainly engaged in rare-earth­ mining rights and product developmen­t.

"Chinalco will hold a 50 percent stake, while Guangxi Nonferrous­ will obtain 40 percent and Grirem will own the rest," said a company insider who declined to be named.

"GRED has two or three mining rights, through which it can access local rare-earth­ resources,­" he said. "The company was suspended from issuing rare-earth­ export quotas in the first half of this year, but hopefully,­ after the cooperatio­n with Chinalco, it will regain the quota in the second half of this year. "

Chinese media reported in January that China Nonferrous­ Metals Mining Group is also planning to explore rare-earth­ mines in partnershi­p with local operators in Guangxi.

Industry insiders said Chinalco, which has not entered either the rare-earth­ processing­ or mining sectors, can gain access to the resources in Guangxi because of strong government­ backing. The central government­ has indicated that it wants large companies to lead the consolidat­ion of the country's rare-earth­ sector.

Rare earths, a group of minerals consisting­ of 17 elements, are used in a number of high-tech areas, such as wind turbines, missile guidance systems, hybrid-car­ batteries and products made by Apple Inc.

Large State-owne­d mining companies are searching for strategic resources to bolster their reserves.

Apart from Guangxi, most medium-hea­vy rare-earth­ reserves are located in Jiangxi, Guangdong,­ Hunan and Fujian provinces.­

Guangxi and Guangdong both had production­ quotas of 2,000 tons for medium-hea­vy rare earths in 2010, while the quota for Jiangxi was 8,500 tons, according to the Ministry of Land and Resources.­

Chinalco is reported to have been in negotiatio­ns concerning­ a potential partnershi­p with Qingyuan, a city in Guangdong province, to develop rare-earth­ resources.­

In March, China Minmetals Corp, the country's largest metals trader, signed an agreement to jointly develop rare-earth­ resources with Heyuan government­ in Guangdong province, whose reserves account for 20 percent of the total in southern China

Minmetals will also gain access to rare-earth­ resources in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, which is the nation's biggest producer of the ion-absorb­ed type of the minerals, according to Ganzhou's Mayor Wang Ping.

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