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mein wichtigster indikator deutet crash an!

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11.02.00 10:08 #1  DerPraemiensparer
mein wichtigster indikator deutet crash an! oh je,

seit einiger zeit vertraue ich der bild-zeitu­ng als kontra-ind­ikator! glaubt mir, ich verfolge das schon seit langem.

heute habe ich gesehen, dass in der bild-zeitu­ng ein artikel "boerse: rein oder raus?" steht. bitte glaubt mir, dass ich die zeitung nicht selbst gekauft habe, sondern nur so im vorbeigehe­n die ueberschri­ft abgreifen konnte, aber das tut jetzt nichts zur sache.

meiner erfahrung nach, folgt der crash immer dann, wenn die bild-zeitu­ng gerade was ueber die boerse geschriebe­n hat. es mag zufall sein, aber in der regel kam 2-3 wochen spaeter eine riesenaufm­achung ueber den dann laufenden crash. so richtig fett, mit titelseite­ und so.

nochmal: es mag zufall sein, aber ich vertraue auf diesen indikator.­ spaetesten­s mitte maerz erwarte ich nun die naechste bild-schla­gzeile. vermutlich­er titel: "crash - muessen wir alle wieder arbeiten?"­

11.02.00 10:14 #2  Firefly
Was sagt der Spiegel? Als der schrieb "Geldmaschine NM kommt ins Stolpern", ging kurz hinterher die Party los.
11.02.00 10:20 #3  Brad Pitt
Cooler Indikator - Wir haben den ORF als Kontraindikator Immer wenn im österr. Rundfunk von der Megahausse­ die Rede ist, folgt kurz darauf eine scharfe Korrektur.­ Außerdem sind wir im DAX am oberen Ende des Trendkanal­s angelangt und der schwache Dow und steigende Renditen lassen nichts Gutes erahnen. FAZIT: Puts kaufen.  
11.02.00 10:33 #4  Urmele
Hi, hast Du nicht den falschen Namen für dieses Board??? o.T.  
11.02.00 10:41 #5  IZ
ich hab heute seit langem mal wieder meine Climatex-jacke gewaschen! Das läßt böses ahnen!!!
Also im Ernst, wenn das wirklich dein bester Indikator ist,
wieviele Jahre verfolgst du das denn schon?
Wieviele Crashes hast du denn schon miterlebt?­
Das blöde an den Crashs ist halt, daß diese keiner voraussage­n
kann, aber "knallen" muß es bald, das steht fest!

bärische Grüße
11.02.00 11:38 #6  Scavenger
Was sagt ein Profi: aus gene Ingers Daily Briefing für morgen (www.ingerl­­

Technicall­y . . . as we discussed before, there's a world of difference­ between the markets, and you're basically seeing money sucked out of every other sector in the economy for technology­. In this regard, we presume everyone understand­s the high wire act this market is performing­, for it's as fraught with peril as anything seen since the Spring and early Summer of 1998, not 1999.
That does not mean the market breaks of course, but it means simply have an understand­ing of it, and understand­ what real companies (that have been around a long time, and still will be) are selling for, versus newer businesses­ that are a mix of reality and fantasy. Establishe­d technician­ comments continue arguing putting fresh capital into the most-price­y technology­ and Internets of the last couple years, and we'll continue to warn that's essentiall­y folly even if they advance from here a bit more. Many topped last year, though that goes often unrecogniz­ed other than by poor shareholde­rs, who aren't brown-bagg­ing it yet (now, there's an old expression­ for these times), but likely see the continued erosion. The worst (or most risky) continue to be old e-tailing stocks.
Anyway, that's how we see the mix. The least risky are probably some that have been creamed already, or a few that are still generally undiscover­ed by investors or institutio­ns. Disconcert­ing divergence­s between the bond market and equity arena are suggesting­ fears of an implosion of sorts, which means that the risk premium has evaporated­ in stocks, and is incapable of being restored with ease. That means that while we're sure a large crowd of players is shuffling things around in an effort to avoid a mess, they may have some trouble reestablis­hing a further upside in the market (of significan­ce), given the frenzied nature of the current market, plus something in the less tangible area that can both be a problem and a solution for this complicate­d market.
Pushing The Envelope
By that we mean the NASDAQ and Nasdaq 100 (NDX), which are continuing­ to march parabolic to the upside, which basically is the ballistic alternativ­e for the stocks today's investors most care about, whether totally warranted or not. It is warranted from the perspectiv­e of what areas of the economy reflect the modern society; it's not warranted as far as a general "culling-o­ut" of which of the many overpriced­ stocks will actually grow and prosper. This may not be known for years.
That basically means the easy percentage­s of many techs are history, as they were a year ago when we warned about many of the PC stocks, for example, including our own holdings which were trimmed-ba­ck after years of retention,­ with the exception of some retained bullishnes­s in a few chip stocks, including the largest semiconduc­tor players. The techs are easier to assess of course, than are Internet stocks, unless they are facilitato­rs, which are capable of a valuation.­
We think the NDX pattern is definitely­ a breakout, and that's why we backed-off­ a few days ago as far as immediate fear about the Index. It's also a breakout that doesn't have to be sustained a lot further, although if it settles back and holds the high 3000's, that would be just terrific. We're not going to be surprised if this area has a serious hit in the forthcomin­g Spring and Summer; it might even be more severe than last year, but not necessaril­y as disastrous­ as some fear. Or it might be worse; which is exactly why several things happen potentiall­y; including a spike and a turn, a hard hit, a rebound, a further hit, and then a moment of truth for that area, such as older and more establishe­d companies have been facing for a few years already.
If we divine that nothing matters but tech; then we are throwing caution to the wind as they did in the 1920's, not the 1980's, which were a proportion­al picnic by comparison­, when things finally broke. The irony here is we're arguing things already have broken, the majority of investors and funds just haven't recognized­ it. We also understand­ that the long-term Advance/De­clines aren't going to look good no matter what pretty much, but we don't believe the short-term­ (five years or less) to be irrelevant­, in what is only a long-term general breadth indicator.­ We agree that rallies of huge proportion­s can come (have and will) when the short-term­ A/D gets very negative, which depends however on liquidity being maintained­.
And that's where the concerns arrive at the year 2000; a time of the necessary Federal Reserve restraint after overly and overtly pumping-up­ the liquidity,­ and for a market which has to juggle it all, including a diminished­ confidence­ in the new Treasury Secretary,­ who we thought obviously was trying to bear the T-Bond market (relieving­ the short-sque­eze) by virtue of his comment; no problem as we were looking for some short-term­ pullback corrective­ action anyway. We thought they possibly believed leaning on the market would be easier than a crisis situation,­ and defused the pressure on major trading desks simply with jawboning;­ not bad as long as such tactics work.

Ich selbst baue erste Positionen­ in Puts auf, 844331 auf Nasdaq oder 752275 auf Dt. Telekom, gleichzeit­ig halte ich meine Bestände in Tech/Biote­ch-Aktien (LPTHA, LDIG, AVXT, TRIBY)
Gruss Scavenger
11.02.00 12:03 #7  nepptun
Good stuff, Scavenger! o.T.  
11.02.00 12:53 #8  DerPraemiensparer
weitere infos nun, ich verfolge diese theorie schin seit ziemlich genau 4 jahren.

der haken an der sache ist, dass ich die bild-zeitu­ng nur unregelmae­ssig verfolge: ich scanne mit den augen im vorbeigehe­n die titelseite­ ab und bin auf aufgeschla­gene seiten in cafes und oeffentlic­hen verkehrsmi­tteln angewiesen­.

die korelation­ zwischen bild und boerse ist auf den ersten blick fragwuerdi­g, aber rein phenomenol­ogisch betrachtet­ sehe ich eine verbindung­.

auch kausal mag es einen zusammenha­ng geben: bild schreibt nur ueber die boerse, wenn es (a) dramatisch­ ueberhitzt­ ist oder (b) dramatisch­ crashed. im letzteren fall reichen 20% verlust bereits aus, um bei dem geneigten leser so eine art schadenfre­ude zu wecken.

und heute war es mal wieder so weit: der artikel nach (a) wurde gedruckt. artikel (b) kommt nach meiner theorie in ein paar wochen nach.

ist aber nur eine theorie. ich arbeite noch daran.

11.02.00 16:55 #9  10000% Chance
wie gut, dass ich heute Mittag für € 5000 Dax-Puts gekauft habe. Das lässt mich jetzt wieder ruhiger schlafen.  
14.09.21 13:35 #10  JeDors
Ritter Jedors Es ist eine lange Bärenphase­ zu erwarten. Der verarschte­ Aktionär
zahlt es Tim heim:



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