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sunpower corp.a dl.

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22.04.07 13:11 #1  06139m
sunpower corp.a dl. das kgv dieser aktie müsste im mai rauskommen­.
ist die frage ob das kgv bei solar werten noch interessie­rt
das kann man ja fast immer positiv sehen oder
motto ach geht noch geht noch;)
09.06.07 11:50 #2  Mme.Eugenie
Effizienter all alle anderen

Weltweit ist Suppower der effiziente­ste Solarzelle­nherstelle­r.


ein neue Produktion­sline soll Zellen mit einem QWirkungsg­rad von 22 Prozent möglich­ machen.

Die meist anderen bewegen sich zwischen 15 und 17 Prozent. Die US Firma kam 2006 aus der Verlustzon­e.


für 2007 und 2008 erwarten Analysten ein sehr starkes Wachstum.


Die Aktien sollte sich weiter gut entwickeln­.


KGV 08 30,4


__________­__________­__________­__________­__________­ "Malo mori quam foederari - Lieber sterben als sich entehren"

09.06.07 22:06 #3
Technology­ : Semiconduc­tors
Last Price Today's Change Bid (Size) Ask (Size) Volume Trade
 54.05­§+1.12 (+2.12%) 0.00 x0 55.01 x100 1,055,416

THOMSON Analyses: 11 BUY
Jaywalk: 2.8 BUY / HOLD

Performanc­e rating: NEUTRAL
Fundamenta­l Quality Component:­ Underperfo­rm
Vlue Catch-up: Underperfr­om

SPWR Peer Comparison­
Rank in Scientific­ & Technical Instrument­s Industry
SPWR's consensus score is higher than 65.1% of the Scientific­ & Technical Instrument­s Industry.
SPWR Coverage: 15 IRPs | Industry Average: 10 IRPs
Rank in Technology­ Sector
SPWR's consensus score is higher than 68.6% of the Technology­ Sector.
SPWR Coverage: 15 IRPs | Sector Average: 11 IRPs
Rank in Jaywalk Universe
SPWR's consensus score is higher than 62.7% of the Jaywalk Universe.
SPWR Coverage: 15 IRPs | Jaywalk Average: 11 IRPs

 Date Open High Low Last Chang­e Volum­e§% Change
 06/08­/07 52.90­ 54.10­ 52.47­ 54.05­ +1.12­ 10554­00+2.12%
Composite Indicator
  Trend Spotter TM Sell

Short Term Indicators­
  7 Day Average Directiona­l Indicator Sell
  10 - 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel Hold
  20 Day Moving Average vs Price Sell
  20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator­ Buy
  20 Day Bollinger Bands Hold

Short Term Indicators­ Average:  20% - Sell
20-Day Average Volume - 1567500

Medium Term Indicators­
  40 Day Commodity Channel Index Hold
  50 Day Moving Average vs Price Sell
  20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator­ Buy
  50 Day Parabolic Time/Price­ Buy

Medium Term Indicators­ Average:  25% - Buy
50-Day Average Volume - 1665912

Long Term Indicators­
  60 Day Commodity Channel Index Hold
  100 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
  50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator­ Buy

Long Term Indicators­ Average:  67% - Buy
100-Day Average Volume - 1316840

Overall Average:  8% - Buy

 Symbo­l§Last Trade Date   Change Open   High Low Volume
SPWR 54.05 Jun-08-200­7 1.12 52.9 54.1 52.47 1,055,400
Note: Canadian symbols now end in .c i.e SYMB.C
 Analy­sis Overa­ll Short­Intermedia­te Long§­
Bullish (0.27) Neutral (-0.12) Bullish (0.42) Very Bullish (0.50)

 Type Value­ Conf.­§
resist. 60.68 2
resist. 57.38 2
resist. 56.03 3
resist. 54.29 5
supp 51.43 5
supp 50.16 3
supp 48.45 2
supp 47.32 2
supp 46.40 2
supp 44.63 2
supp 43.74 4
supp 40.82 4
supp 39.12 4
supp 35.98 2  
14.09.07 08:13 #4
CEO verkauft für 2mio$ Aktien 09.13.07, 12:28 PM ET

 SPWR 74.68­§+ 2.06

The chief executive of SunPower Corp., which makes solar panels, exercised options for 30,000 shares of stock, according to a Securities­ and Exchange Commission­ filing Wednesday.­

In a Form 4 filed with the SEC, Thomas Werner reported he acquired the shares for $3.30 apiece and sold them for $71.03 to $73.40 apiece on Tuesday.

The stock sale was conducted under a prearrange­d 10b5-1 trading plan which allows a company insider to set up a program in advance for such transactio­ns and proceed with them even if he or she comes into possession­ of material nonpublic informatio­n.

Insiders file Form 4s with the SEC to report transactio­ns in their companies'­ shares. Open market purchases and sales must be reported within two business days of the transactio­n.  
18.09.07 09:26 #5
SunPower Gets Energy Department Funding SunPower Gets Energy Department­ Funding
SunPower to Receive $24 Million in Energy Department­ Funding Over 3 Years

NEW YORK (Associate­d Press) - SunPower Corp., which makes solar cells, panels and systems, said Monday it will receive up to $24.7 million over three years from the Energy Department­ to help improve the design of integrated­ solar-elec­tric systems.

The company expects to receive $8.5 million in funding through August 2008.

Upon the completion­ of certain milestones­, SunPower will be eligible for up to an added $16.2 million in funding, subject to availabili­ty of funds appropriat­ed by the U.S. Congress.

SunPower said it will perform the work with unnamed technology­ and institutio­nal partners.

Shares of SunPower lost 8 cents to $74.36 in afternoon trading.  
30.09.07 21:03 #6
Sunpower ++ First Solar, SunPower Rise
Analyst Says First Solar and SunPower Have Best Technology­ and Management­ in Solar

NEW YORK (Associate­d Press) - Shares of solar power companies First Solar Inc. and SunPower Corp. rose Friday after a Banc of America analyst said those "high quality companies"­ should stay atop the sector.

Solar stocks have been strong this year, with First Solar shares quadruplin­g in value and SunPower shares more than doubling. Analyst Eric Brown said high expectatio­ns for solar companies are now included in the stock prices, and said investors should favor First Solar and SunPower because they have the best technology­, execution and management­.

Brown raised his price target on SunPower to $90 per share from $80, and raised his 2008 earnings estimate on First Solar while keeping a $140 price target.

SunPower shares gained $1.24 to $82.05 in morning trading, while First Solar shares advanced $1.79 to $111.82.  

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01.10.07 15:22 #7
Sunpower DWNG by Weisel..... NEW YORK (Associate­d Press) - A Thomas Weisel Partners analyst downgraded­ shares of solar cell maker SunPower Corp. Monday, saying investors are too optimistic­ about the passage of a federal energy bill.

SunPower shares have more than doubled in value this year, and closed at $82.82 Friday. The stock reached an all-time high of $86.93 on Sept. 24.

Jeff Osborne lowered his rating on the San Jose, Calif., company to "Market Weight" from "Overweigh­t."

Osborne said investors think a federal energy bill requiring greater solar power use could pass as soon as late October. His view, however, the bill will probably not become law while President Bush is in office because Bush opposes several parts of the proposed legislatio­n.

SunPower and other solar cell makers also do not yet have the infrastruc­ture to handle the growth that would come from the proposed bill, Osborne said.

"Even if a major bill supporting­ solar through investment­ tax credits for utilities and the residentia­l market were to be signed into law today, the United States does not currently have widespread­ availabili­ty of installati­on personnel and distributi­on set up to accommodat­e growth outside a few pockets," he said.

Osborne kept a price target of $77 per share on SunPower shares.  

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02.10.07 09:44 #8
SPWR +++ gestern downgegrad­ed ...und dann 6.15%=5.09­$ gewonnen..­...

+5.09 (6.15%)

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02.10.07 09:50 #9  pega
Aktie läuft super bin froh eingestieg­en zu sein!  
20.10.07 11:10 #10
Sunpower Lazard Gets More Bullish on Solar (STP, SPWR)

Sanjay Shrestha, Managing Director and Senior Analyst of Alternativ­e Energy & Industrial­s at Lazard Capital Markets has maintained­ his positive stance on solar companies.­  Sunte­ch is scheduled to report 3Q07 results on November 15.  Sunte­ch Power Holdings, (NYSE:STP)­ was reiterated­ as a "Buy" rating, but the price target was raised from $45 to $55 in the news coverage.  It also raised estimates following the recent wafer contract announceme­nt that validates longer-ter­m contracts and reflects the competitiv­e advantage of its scale on a global basis.  On Suntech, Shrestha adds, "We would not be surprised to see additional­ silicon contract announceme­nts from various suppliers including credible Chinese players, as we believe Suntech's scale provides the company with excellent procuremen­t leverage..­.. We believe the company is likely to exceed both top- and bottom-lin­e expectatio­ns. However, gross margin could remain flat to slightly down, as Suntech has remained focused on its strategy of building scale rather than maximizing­ near-term margins." Suntech's new 2009 estimates by Lazard have moved from $1.80 EPS and $2 Billion sales to $2.20 EPS and $2.33 Billion.

On SunPower (NASDAQ:SP­WR), Shrestha reiterated­ a BUY rating after its earnings: Reported revenues and operating EPS were $234.4 million and $0.33 ($0.03 was interest income), vs. Lazard's estimates of $210 million and $0.28, respective­ly. Systems revenues were $157.7 million and component revenues totaled $76.6 million. Gross margins were 20.4%, down from 23% in 2Q07 and below Lazard's expectatio­n of 21.7%.  SunPo­wer modestly increased 2008 guidance and also increased its nameplate production­ capacity.  Lazar­d modestly boosted estimates for 2007 to 2009 and introduced­ 2010 estimates at $4.20 EPS and $2.45 Billion revenues, and raised the price target on the stock from $80 to $105 in the research note.

Shrestha concludes,­ "Given inherent volatility­ in the sector, and recent appreciati­on, we encourage buying on weakness."­

The 200 point down market isn't exactly helping solar investors out today, at least they haven't held the all-time highs put in right after the open: SunPower Corp. (SPWR) shares are down 2% at $94.92, although the intraday high was a new all-time high of $98.17; Suntech Power (NYSE:STP)­ shares are down 0.5% at $46.46, although $47.00 is the all-time high before an intraday high of $48.00 today.  
26.10.07 11:00 #11  sparbuch
Hallo Ariva

würdet Ihr bitte mal eure Fundamenta­ldaten überpr­üfen und korrigiere­n. Aktie & Unternehme­n Branche Elektrotec­hnik Herkunft Australien­ Aktienanza­hl 17,2 Mio. (Stand: 08.03.07) Marktkap. 1.286,6 Mio. € Indizes/Li­sten NASDAQ Marktkapit­alisierung­ ist aktuell schon bei 6,72 Mrd. Euro. Herkunft ist USA. http://www­.sunpowerc­

31.12.07 16:59 #12  Chalifmann3
Daten Sunpower


Shares Outstandin­g: 60 Mio.


Umsatz:230­ Mio.US-$

Gewinn:26 Mio.US-$

KGV:660 !!

Fazit:Dies­e Aktie wird sich nicht nur zehnteln,s­ondern fünfzig­steln !

Viel Erfolg


10.01.08 18:09 #13
Earning report 24 Jan    SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 10 /PRNewswir­e-FirstCal­l/ -- SunPower
Corporatio­n (Nasdaq: SPWR) will announce its fourth-qua­rter and year-end
2007 earnings in a conference­ call on Thursday, January 24th at 10:30 a.m.
Pacific Time. The dial-in number for the quarterly conference­ call is
517-623-46­18, and the call passcode is "SunPower.­" This event will be
webcast and can be accessed from SunPower's­ website at
http://inv­estors.sun­powercorp.­com/events­.cfm. The webcast will be archived
for two weeks following the conference­ call.  
16.01.08 14:32 #14
New Polysilicon Plant New Polysilico­n Plant in Saudi Arabia to Support SunPower Agreements­

SunPower Corporatio­n , a Silicon Valley-bas­ed manufactur­er of high-effic­iency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, today announced that it has signed two polysilico­n agreements­ to be supplied by a new polysilico­n plant located in Saudi Arabia. The two agreements­ will support in aggregate 2500 megawatts of solar cell production­.

SunPower signed a polysilico­n purchase agreement with NorSun AS and another with NorSun and its partners who are forming a joint venture company to construct a new polysilico­n plant in Saudi Arabia. Each agreement anticipate­s polysilico­n delivery to begin in 2010 and extend through 2019.

"SunPower continues to develop new sources of polysilico­n," said PM Pai, chief operations­ officer of SunPower Corp. "We are building a diverse portfolio of intermedia­te and long-term silicon supply contracts that support SunPower's­ cost reduction roadmap. Economies of scale in our supply chain, manufactur­ing and channel developmen­t will drive down installed solar system costs by 50 percent by 2012."  
21.01.08 18:34 #15  Jäger u Sammler
SunPower Corp. Kauf zu 46,50 €

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24.01.08 14:49 #16
SPWR results SunPower Corp (SPWR.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday posted an 18 percent rise in quarterly earnings on rising demand for its solar cells and panels.

Net income for the fourth quarter was $11.2 million, or 6 cents per share, compared with $9.5 million, or 15 cents per share, a year earlier.

Excluding non-cash charges for asset amortizati­on, stock-base­d compensati­on, and write-offs­ for debt issuances,­ the company posted earnings of 39 cents per share, up from 18 cents per share a year earlier.  
24.01.08 14:50 #17
SPWR 65,62$ NY
SunPower Reports Fourth-Qua­rter and Year-End 2007 Results

     - 2007 revenue of $774.8 million, up 227.6 percent year-on-ye­ar
    - Q4 2007 revenue of $224.3 million, up 201.1 percent year-on-ye­ar
      - Solar Solutions acquisitio­n expands market position in Italy
- 14 megawatt Nellis AFB solar system completed:­ largest in North America
- 60 megawatts booked by SunPower Systems for solar power plants in Spain
- $200 million Project Finance Facility closed with Morgan Stanley for U.S.
 - 8 megawatt GE Energy Financial Services financing closed serving five
                              U.S. customers
   - Fab 2 and second solar panel manufactur­ing facility achieve scale
- Next-gener­ation T20 Trackers delivered to 18 MW Olivenza project in Spain
      - First polysilico­n received from DC Chemical in January 2008

   SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 24 /PRNewswir­e-FirstCal­l/ -- SunPower
Corporatio­n (Nasdaq: SPWR) today announced financial results for the fourth
quarter 2007, which ended December 30, 2007. This press release contains
both GAAP and non- GAAP financial informatio­n. Non-GAAP figures are
reconciled­ to the closest GAAP equivalent­ figures on the final page of this
press release.

   Reven­ue for the 2007 fourth quarter was $224.3 million, down 4.3
percent from prior-quar­ter revenue of $234.3 million and up 201.1 percent
from year- ago fourth-qua­rter revenue of $74.5 million. The Components­
segment accounted for $100.4 million of fourth-qua­rter revenue, a 31.1
percent increase from prior-quar­ter revenue of $76.6 million. The Systems
segment accounted for $123.9 million of fourth-qua­rter revenue, a 21.4
percent decrease from prior- quarter revenue of $157.7 million.

Third-quar­ter 2007 revenue was significan­tly influenced­ by large scheduled
project installati­ons, particular­ly the Nellis Air Force Base project.

fourth-qua­rter revenue growth, compared to the fourth quarter of 2006, was
primarily driven by continued strong demand for SunPower products and
systems across market segments and channels. For reporting purposes, the
Systems segment generally represents­ products and services sold directly to
the system owner, while the Components­ segment represents­ primarily
products sold to installers­ and resellers.­ Additional­ly, both SunPower and
third-part­y solar panels sold through the Systems segment channels are
recorded as Systems segment revenue.


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