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British American Tobacco Plc.

WKN: 916018 / ISIN: GB0002875804

British American Tobacco Aktie: Das gibt’s ja gar nicht!

24.11.23 13:51

British American Tobacco's stock has been given mixed ratings based on technical analysis. The 200-day average closing price stands at 2763.91 GBP, while the last closing price was 2463 GBP, a decrease of 10.89%. This is deemed as "poor" from a charting perspective. Looking at the 50-day average, which is currently 2570.53 GBP, the last closing price is relatively similar at a decrease of 4.18%. This results in a "neutral" rating for the short-term analysis. Overall, the simple technical analysis gives British American Tobacco a "neutral" rating.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) measures the momentum of a stock. In this case, British American Tobacco has an RSI value of 60.95, indicating a "neutral" rating. The RSI25, which considers a 25-day period, stands at 69.35, also resulting in a "neutral" rating. Taking both indicators into account, the overall rating remains "neutral."

Analyzing the dividend yield, British American Tobacco currently offers a yield of 9.15%, surpassing the industry average of 3.77% for the tobacco sector. This leads to a "good" rating for the company's dividend payout.

In terms of analyst ratings, British American Tobacco is currently rated as "good." Over the past year, there have been 2 "good" ratings, 1 "neutral" rating, and no "poor" ratings. There have been no analyst updates in the past month. Based on the average price target of analysts (3733.33 GBP), the stock has an upside potential of 51.58% from the last closing price of 2463 GBP, resulting in a "good" recommendation. Overall, British American Tobacco receives a "good" rating for this section of the analysis.

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